Deiwert Insurance

Refer a Friend

As an insurance professional I have found that generating new business can be a daunting task. When I began this agency I quickly realized that regardless of what our marketing efforts were, the bulk of my business still continued to come straight from our existing client’s referrals. So, we learned early on, that in order for us to maintain a consistent flow of business, we would need to focus our attention on building our current client referral base. One of the best ways we can ensure that this will happen is to rely on the relationships we already have with our existing clients—people like you.

Hopefully, we have done our job well enough that you might be prompted, when the time is right, to recommend our services to someone else that needs the service and pricing we offer. Nothing says “thank you” more than having a person who has a need for our services call us, because of the recommendation you made. We really appreciate and value the relationship we have with our clients and it is priceless to have a relationship that is strong enough for you to recommend our services to others. Because these individuals trust you, the likelihood that they will trust us increases substantially. We understand that you have also put a great deal of trust in us and I will ensure that these referrals get the very best we have to offer.

It is important that we point out that it is not your responsibility to help us grow our business. It is our responsibility to maintain and develop a relationship with you that will be strong enough that you might feel motivated to recommend us whenever the opportunity presents itself in the future. I am truly grateful for each time you recommend this agency.


Sam Deiwert